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Nr. 1 Digital Signage Tool

SmaSS System Overview

With SmaSS we provide you a Digital Signage Suite which gives you all possiblities in terms of datasource integration, transmission types and display types. You decide if the system should be support by your IT, the software should be installed on one of your local machines or taking advantage of our Cloud version called "Digital Sigange as a Service" (DSaas). Please contact us, if you need special advice regarding further opportunities and their advantages and disadvantages.


The heart of our system uses state of the art technology, which has already proven its worth in many projects. No matter which platform or device you use, with the intuitive user interface of SmaSS it is easy to visualize data according to your needs. Furthermore thanks to the modular architecture and open REST API of SmaSS, we are able to meet any special requirement from our customers.


Access Security

Mudulare architecture

Responsive User Interface
Responsive UI

HTML 5 technology
Web Technology

Multi-Client capability
Multi-Client Capability


Continuous Development
Continuous Development

Datasources & Presentation

SmaSS System Overview

The overall digital signage solution not only contains the software SmaSS but also the surrounding digital infrastructure (Network, Radio). Customers are free to choose, if it should be a cable powered LCD Flatscreen at the entrance, or maybe the battery powered E-Ink display at the offic door, to meantion only two as an example.

We provide you with a large amount of possible connectivity options to give you the opportunity to display data from different datasources. It just takes are few clicks to pull the desired data and bring it onto the display of your choice.

Various Applications

  • Meeting rooms
  • Office
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Museums
  • Smart Home

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